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Special Equestrians provides several different Equine Assisted Activities to assist individuals with special needs. See a glimpse of our programs below to determine what can best fit you or your rider's needs! 

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding is our largest program, with nearly 100 participants each week. Participants learn riding skills in a group of their peers to encourage physical, cognitive, and social development.


Hippotherapy is a program directed by a physical or occupational therapist in order to reach specific therapy goals. Participants use the horse as a means of stretching and activating targeted muscles. 


Horseabilities is designed for riders who have graduated out of Hippotherapy programs,  but are not yet ready to participate in regular therapeutic riding classes. Participants are warmed up on the ground on therapy balls and then participate in a shortened group riding session to prevent fatigue.


Horsemanship is an adapted class for participants who wish to learn more about caring for, leading, and the behavior of their horse. This is an ideal program for riders who may be unable to ride due to a condition or disability that is not appropriate for mounted activities. 

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