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The actual cost to provide this service is significant, but thanks to the generosity of volunteers and contributors, we are able to keep the cost to our riders minimal. Special Equestrians is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so contributions are tax-deductible. Become a friend of Special Equestrians by giving in one of the following ways:

Support Us

  • Charitable Contribution — It costs Special Equestrians $3,000 per year for one rider. Your support allows us to keep our programs affordable. You can help us continue to provide lessons at a low cost to our riders by joining our Annual Fund and giving a tax-deductible contribution.

  • Wish List - A complete list of items that would help our program in the coming year.

  • Horse Contribution — We are always looking for the ideal horse to provide our riders with safe and productive rides. Our horses must be sound in body and mind. All horses considered for our programs must be evaluated before they can be accepted. Please call (205) 987-WHOA for more information.

  • Sponsor-a-Horse — Your sponsorship dollars provide the necessary care that keep our horses happy and healthy. We accept any amount in helping care for our horses. 

    • Pony Up Club $2,500
      Fully funds the needs of one horse for one year. You will be recognized on the stall of your sponsored horse.

    • Care Sponsor $1,000
      Funds routine veterinary and farrier needs of one horse for one year.

  • Special Events — Special events throughout the year provide needed funds and are fun for you.  Find out more about participating and sponsoring one of these events on the Calendar and Events page.

  • Honor/Memorial — Give a gift in honor or in memory of someone you love.

  • Scholarship Fund — Provide lessons to those most in need.

    • One Rider to ride for One Full Year $3,000

    • One Rider to ride for One Full Term $1,500

    • One Rider for the Summer Term $1,000

    • One Lesson for One Rider $150

  • Gifts of Stock – Making a gift of securities can be simple and financially beneficial. Call to find out more.

  • Bequest - Include Special Equestrians in your estate planning. Please call us for more information.

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