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Hi there, I'm Red and its pretty obvious why! Even though there are several chestnut horses around here that look like me, I'm the only one with a flashy blaze on my face. I used to be a trail horse at Oak Mountain State Park and loved going on all the beautiful trails there. Then for eight years I had just my one wonderful owner who rode me on trails and in my pasture down in Harpersville, and it was a great life.  Now she is in college, but before she went away she made sure I would have a good place to live and here I am – right next to Oak Mountain again! It was different at first because I wasn't used to being in a stall or working in an arena, but now that's old hat. And it's great here too – because instead of one person who loves and takes care of me – LOTS of people do that. I keep hearing them say I'm so nice, and I'm so helpful, and I'm the perfect size, and I get along with all of the other horses. I don't know about that – I'm just me, and I think I'm a pretty lucky horse.

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Christy Avery Colantuono

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