Hey, my name's Duke! Before coming to Special E I was used at a Girl Scout's camp as a trail horse, which I'm pretty good at because I love following all the other horses around! I tend to startle some people when they first see me because of these big beautiful blue eyes of mine, but once you get used to them they're pretty neat.

My favorite thing to do at Special Equestrians (other than class of course) is play hide and seek with my pasture buddies. They like to hide in the trees or in the back pasture, and I will run all over the field whinnying for them until they come out. I also enjoy my time spent with my riders. I may be a big horse, but I'm really just a giant softy. I love nuzzling people and I am very curious about everyone who comes to meet me. In the arena I have the smoothest trot, which is great for riders who prefer a steady pace.