Merlin in Window

Hi, my name is Merlin and I am the oldest horse at Special E at 32 years old! A long time ago, I lived in Roswell, GA before I moved to the great State of Alabama to be a therapy horse.  I am a former dressage horse and my former owner thought this would be good work for me to do to stay in shape, and she was right.  Once my first rider got on my back I knew this was the job for me. 

When I was a little younger I was one of the most reliable horses in the barn. Anyone could ride me and I was such a sweet boy that I would do whatever they asked. Now I have gotten a little too old to be ridden much, but I am still excellent for the horsemanship classes! Participants learn how to groom, lead, and care for me as a part of their lessons. I am the same perfect boy on the ground that I was when I was being ridden, and I am so happy to be at Special E with all my friends enjoying my semi-retirement!