Kathleen M. Claybrook
Executive Director, Certified Instructor

Madison Pozzo
Events and Marketing Coordinator

Gordon Sullivan
Volunteer Coordinator / Administrative Support

Steve Curreri

Instructors & Therapists

Pamela Abdulla
Since 1986

Melinda Bartlett
Since 2009
Mary Bowman
Occupational Therapist 
Since 2012

Matthew Bunt
Instructor and  Mentor
Since 2006

Kathleen M. Claybrook
Instructor, Mentor and Equine Specialist
Since 1991,

Sally Cope
Since 2006

Ellen Davis
Occupational Therapist, Instructor and Mentor
Since 2001

Charlene Doll
Since 2009

Dorrie Fuchs
Since 2009

Betsy Guttshall
Since 2007

Jaime Laird
Since 2009

Emily Levine
Since 2008