Our Wish List

Special Equestrians is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to provide high quality therapeutic horseback riding and equine-assisted activities to individuals with physical, mental, developmental and emotional disabilities. Special Equestrians welcomes individual contributions of any size. In addition, the program has the following particular funding needs.

$2,000,000 Endowment – gifts of $5000 or more

Special Equestrians operates on an average annual budget of $215,000. Tuition covers less than 15% of this amount; grant income, an annual fund drive, and fundraising from events cover the rest. An endowment of $2,000,000 would provide a significant level of financial stability.
Gifts options: donations of $5,000 or more, as a one-time gift or annually for any period of years.

Financial Aid Funding – gifts of all sizes

Special Equestrians offers tuition discounts, or scholarships, for families that cannot afford to pay the full cost of the program. One-time gifts of all sizes are welcome, but multi-year commitments are sought to fund all or part of this annual cost. Gift options: Individual gifts of any size: pledged repeating annual gifts of $100 - $6,000 per year for three to five years, or $120,000 to endow a scholarship fund.

Professional development funding – gifts of $300 - $3,600

Underwriting is needed for instructors to attend regional and national conferences sponsored by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International. These meetings provide valuable professional development and networking opportunities.
Gift options: Fund in full or in increments of $300 (per person for regional) or $900 (per person for national); $3,000 to send 10 instructors to the regional conference; or $3,600 to send 3 staff members and our OT to the national conference.

Truck and Horse Trailer

We are in need of a truck and trailer to pull our horses to events and horse shows. Ideally a 2 horse or 4 horse trailer with a tack room. 
Gift options: Truck (gift of $5,000-$10,000) or trailer (gift of $7,000), fund or full in-kind donation.

Classroom space, 16' x 16'

We would like to expand our inside space to include a classroom that can be used for camps, rainy days, and volunteer trainings.  
Gift options: fully fund or in-kind donation.

Re-bed covered arena – to be bid out

The footing in the covered arena is over ten years old and needs to be replaced
Gift options: fund at 50% or 100%, or in-kind donation.

Display tablecloth with Special Equestrians Logo - gift of $170

We want to enhance our marketing effectiveness at informational fairs and conferences.
Gift options: full cost of $170 - we will design and order, or submit design proof and donate it in-kind after approval.

iPod - $145 or in-kind - DONATED

An iPod has been graciously donated by Susan Collins!

Gator All-Terrain Vehicle- $5,000 or in-kind

An ATV would enhance our efficiency in managing our pasture and arena.
Gift options: full cost of $5000 or in-kind donation.

Desktop computer and 22-inch monitor - $1,000 or in-kind

Special Equestrians has a need for a desktop computer, as well as a 22-inch monitor in the office to facilitate administrative operations. The monitor would be replacing one already owned by Special Equestrians, and the new desktop would be used for storing administrative data.

New waterproof blankets for our horses – gifts of $100 - $1,100 in increments of $100

The majority of our horses, most of who are more "senior" citizens, need to be blanketed on the colder winter nights. We need new waterproof blankets to keep them warm and healthy.
Gift options: $100 per horse, $550 to fund blankets for half our herd, $1100 for the entire herd.

Run hot water to the wash station – to be bid out

The outdoor wash station at Special Equestrians was built through an Eagle Scout Project. Having hot water available there would enhance its usefulness.
Gift options: full cost or in-kind donation of materials and labor.

New office furniture - $1,500 or in-kind

We need 3 matching computer desks and matching file cabinets.
Gift options: full cost of $2500, or in-kind donation of matching items (i.e., all 3 desks, all 3 visitor chairs or all 5 rolling desk chairs).

Rebuild hinged window panels on the road side of stable - $600 or in-kind

These panels allow for increased air flow throughout the stable but need to be closed in winter.
Gift options: full cost of $600 or in-kind donation of materials and labor.

Horses – priceless!

We often need good program horses and take them on loan or as a donation. Ideal horses are seasoned, sound, and steady. English or Western training is fine, but they must like being handled and be comfortable in an arena and on trails. We generally maintain an all-gelding herd. Potential donors should call the office at (205) 987-9462 to tell us more about specific horses.

Security System

No matter how much we would love to be, the Special Equestrians staff can't be at the barn 24/7. So for those times when no one can physically come out, we'd love to be able to check on the boys remotely!
Here's a great example with enough cameras to keep an eye on every horse!

Continuous Needs:

Gift cards for Walmart, Lowe's, Staples
Equine Spot-on Fly Control
Repel-X Fly Spray – 1 gal. concentrate
Legacy Pellets
Horse Treats
Select II Vitamins
Ink cartridges for Dell 2150cn laser printer
Ink cartridges:  Canon 225 and 226
First-class Forever postage stamps
Toner cartridge for Canon PC920 copier